Ticketing System

IVU // IVU.ticket.box

On-board computer for buses, trams and trains.

IVU Traffic Technologies AG is a leading supplier of IT systems for transport and logistics processes, including: truck fleet monitoring, retail network geomarketing (GIS), and electronic voting machinery.

Integrated into a single package, the IVU.ticket.box is an interactive vehicle-based fare collection, ticket printing, and traffic control communication system for use in public transportation.

The IVU.ticket.box offers enhanced features such as bar code scanning and smart card reader capabilities.  The IVU.ticket.box was the recipient of an iF International Forum Design Award in 2010.


ODM Services

PHYTEC handled all aspects of product development including: project management, software and housing development, and third party contribution and conformance to VDV/VÖV and E1-manufacturing standards in Germany. 

Software Design

Custom driver development was required to extend the functionality of our standard Windows Embedded BSP.  Enhancements included drivers for an on-board CAN interface, 11 simultaneous active serial interfaces with high data throughput, as well as specific AC97 audio requirements to divide the stereo channel into two individual audio channels.