Aerospace and Defense

Long life-cycle assurance

PHYTEC hardware meets the exacting demands of Aerospace and Defense use.  At a feature level this includes high-performance, multi-core processing for computationally complex avionics applications; 3D graphics, imaging and video processing for rich HMI; and high-bandwidth interfaces such as PCIe, 1Gbit Ethernet, USB, SATA and MIPI connectivity for external communication.  At a functional level, our SOMs are available in extreme operating temperature ranges and offer the benefit of crossing leading-edge embedded processor technology with long life-cycle assurance.  Beyond our rigorous scope of standard design validation, we can submit our hardware to supplemental drop, shock, flammability and other testing as well as offer conformance to standards such as class 3 IPC-610A, ISO 22900, MIL-STD and DO-178B.

PHYTEC has delivered validated hardware and software solutions for deployment in flight control and instrumentation systems; in-flight entertainment and internet; satellite and autonomous vehicles control; robotics; space exploration; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and other similar applications.