Linux BSPs

Open source software brings power and freedom.

PHYTEC commits our BSPs to mainline

Open source software brings power and freedom to development projects and is a compelling choice for companies wanting to avoid the software-license businesses model, but open source also brings challenges as it relies on a community of volunteer developers. As a founding member of The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) and a contributor to mainline, PHYTEC helps our customers navigate the open source community and successfully bring industrial embedded Linux projects to the market.

PHYTECs robust and industry-best Linux distribution offers free build tools, long-term maintenance through mainline compliance, and expert technical support. Our rich set of integrated open source software components are packaged in an easy-to-use development environment for both board-level driver and application development.

Our Rapid Development Kits include:

  • GCC C/C++ cross development tool chain
  • Eclipse IDE
  • PTXdist, a GPL-licensed build system
  • Bootloader, kernel and file system images and source