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The phyCORE-MPC5121e-tiny SOM is built upon the 32-bit NXP MPC5121e PowerPC® processor which while maintaining high-performance and low power consumption, provides an integrated 3D graphics engine and support for a rich set of peripherals. By including access to interfaces including Ethernet, Dual USB,  CAN, and more via the two 160-pin SOM interconnect, the phyCORE-MPC5121e is the ideal solution for embedded applications that require sophisticated displays, graphics acceleration, rich user interfaces and network connectivity.

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The phyCORE-MPC5121e tiny System on Module

The MPC5121e PowerPC Family

The NXP MPC5121e integrated processor is built upon the Power Architecture® technology based e300 CPU core. The MPC5121e is complimented by a  double precision Floating Point Unit (FPU) and delivers 400 MHz processing power and boasts an array of flexible features including PowerVR® MBX Lite 2D/3D graphics engine, audio accelerator engine (AXE), integrated display controller, and multiple programmable serial controllers (PSC).

SOM Highlights

  • MPC5121e up to 400 MHz
  • PowerVR MBX Lite 2D/3D
  • Up to 512 MB DDR2 / 4 GB NAND
  • Dual USB HS 2.0 OTG
  • SATA 1.0a
  • CAN, UART, SPI, I2C, I2S
  • Display, touch controller
  • Linux BSP
Feature Details
Part Number PCM-046
Architecture PowerPC
Processor NXP MPC5121e
Frequency 400 MHz
SRAM 1 MB default / 2 MB max
DRAM 128 MB default / 512 MB max DDR2
NAND 1 GB default / 4 GB max
NOR 32 MB default
SATA 1 (1.0a)
UART 6 (via programmable serial controller)
RS-232 2
I2C 3
I2S 6 (via programmable serial controller)
SPI/SSP 6 (via programmable serial controller)
USB Host
USB Device
USB OTG 2x HS 2.0
Ethernet (Mbit/s) 10/100
Audio Yes
Graphics MBX Lite 2D/3D
Video XVGA Input
Display LVDS, TTL (24 bpp)
Miscellaneous PCI 2.3, JTAG, GAL, PATA
Dimensions 60 x 76 mm
Connector 2x 160-pin 0.635 mm pitch
Supply Voltage 3.3 V
Power Consumption 4 W
Temperature -40° to +85° C

The Interconnect

phyCORE-MPC5121e interfaces are routed to our high-density PCB interconnects on the underside of the SOM. Design the mating connectors on your carrier board. 

The phyCORE-MPC5121e tiny Rapid Development Kit

Kit Contents

  • phyCORE-MPC5121e tiny System on Module
  • phyCORE-MPC5121e tiny Carrier Board
  • Linux Software
  • 5" LCD with touch on adapter board
  • Cables, schematics, and kit CD

The phyCORE SOM is designed to plug into a PHYTEC Carrier Board that provides the I/O connectors as well as any other interface circuitry not provided on the phyCORE module itself.

Carrier Board Features

  • RJ-45 Ethernet
  • USB HS OTG port
  • 2x RS-232 serial ports
  • SD / MMC card slot
  • Compact Flash card socket
  • 2x PCI connectors
  • Audio interface
  • 2x CAN connectors
  • ATA interface
  • SATA interface
  • LVDS / touch display interface
  • IDE interface connector
  • JTAG connector

SOM Features

The default configuration of the phyCORE-MPC5121e tiny SOM included in the kit features: Freescale Power Architectures MPC5121e 400 MHz microcontroller, 128 MB DDR2, 1 GB NAND-Flash, 32 MB NOR-Flash, 4 KB EEPROM, PCI controller, ATA controller, and Ethernet.

Optional Accessories

  • Bare PCB expansion board that plugs into the Carrier Board for rapid prototypting

phyCORE-MPC5121e tiny Board Support Packages

PHYTEC Board Support Packages (BSPs) are software bundles that implement and support operating systems on our System on Modules. PHYTEC BSPs are application development-ready, offering all essential drivers and board-level feature support. The only task left for you is application integration. This way, you can focus on your core competencies while we take care of the rest.

Linux Package

  • GCC C/C++ cross development tool chain
  • Eclipse IDE
  • PTXdist build system
  • Bootloader, kernel, file system
  • Source BSP

Access BSP here

phyCORE-MPC5121e tiny Documentation


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