Why choose a System on Module?

SOMs are smarter.

With the demand for more innovation, new features, and shorter product life-cycles, there is increasing pressure on device manufacturers to reduce cost and time to market. The design complexities to support state-of-the-art microprocessor technology is greater than ever. By using an off-the-shelf SOM and production-ready BSP, combined with PHYTEC integration and design services, you will eliminate 6-12 months from your development timeline.

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Can you afford to design from scratch?

When developing an embedded system, deciding which portion of the system to design in-house and which to buy off the shelf can be difficult. By designing and building the entire system yourself you have complete control and increased flexibility of design, however, you must accurately estimate the total cost of development. This is never as simple as it seems; if you only add the bill of material plus the hardware and software development time, you grossly underestimate the total investment.

Look at the Total Investment

Your development timeline for the microprocessor circuitry and BSP can be up to one calendar year, even with parallel efforts. This could result in significant opportunity cost from foregone profits. Other hidden costs to be considered are: design risk, manufacturing, production testing, specification changes, and environmental regulations. Further issues are resources, unexpected delays, silicon vendor support, and long term sustaining costs.

Are You Sure?


Embedded design requires a large design team with different levels of hardware, software, and application expertise. Many companies do not staff the resources for advanced digital design, high speed circuit layout, low level driver and operating systems porting, rather they staff application domain experts focused on the application and industry your company serves.

Unexpected Delays

The multiple revisions often required during the prototyping phase causes significant delays in getting the final product to production, not to mention the months required for software development and design verification.

Silicon Vendor Support

PHYTEC has strong partner relationships with key silicon vendors with alpha partner access to cutting edge silicon before the general market. Many OEMs in the general embedded space cannot early adopt this technology without leveraging solution providers like PHYTEC.

Sustaining Costs

Sustaining costs associated with product maintenance include managing part obsolescence, production quality, upgrading and managing the product over it’s lifetime. PHYTEC takes all this pain away from you.

Let's crunch some numbers.

Consider this example break even calculation for a microprocessor based design with 49 weeks NRE for hardware, software, and production test development, plus 12 weeks downstream engineering maintenance, and $40 raw materials. Manufacturing and test costs are typically 30% of the materials.

NRE (49 man weeks)$250,000.00$0
Future maintenance (12 man weeks)$60,000.00$0
Cost per unit (5k EAU)$52.00$64.00
Break even quantity25,417 units

Choose a SOM.

SOMs incorporate essential circuitry common to all embedded applications. In this circuitry, a microprocessor interfaces with RAM, Flash memory, power management, LCD, Ethernet, USB and other commonly-used interfaces... all within a compact, robust, EMC design. By designing the SOM into your application you remove the challenge and risk of advanced microprocessor design, fine pitch BGA, high-speed routing, design verification, EMC conformance, and the significant effort of board bring-up and BSP development.

Get Started.

PHYTEC Rapid Development Kits provide a platform to accelerate product development. The phyCORE SOM is designed to plug into a carrier board that provides the I/O connectors as well as any other interface circuitry not provided on the phyCORE module itself.

The Kit includes a SOM, carrier board, LCD, Linux or Windows BSP, software development tools, and a startup guarantee.

Design your carrier board to support the SOM using our schematics as reference design, our BSPs to maximize your productivity, while leveraging our expert technical support.

The positive out-of-box kit experience - and the record of success among customers from initial engagement with PHYTEC to pilot and production ramp-up - underscores the relative ease of implementing a system on module.

Accelerate your timeline from concept to finished product.

It’s that simple.

From initial concept, through manufacturing, PHYTEC provides end to end solutions for OEMs seeking a full solution from a single source. Building a new embedded device from the ground up is an enormous challenge and risk, but embedded development is made much easier, faster, and cheaper by leveraging PHYTEC solutions.